Vision Statement

Kingsway Anchors STEELERS Netball Club Inc. aims to be a popular, sought after social netball club, by giving players a fun, positive environment while providing optional skills and fitness training as well as memorable fundraising activities and events that everyone from young and old can enjoy throughout the season.

We would like to see Kingsway Anchors STEELERS Netball Club Inc. continue to be the home for all netballers well into the future, a club where the fun of the game is far more important than the number of wins on the board. FUN, FRIENDSHIPS and FITNESS

The club is committed to keeping netball social, friendly and fun and has an elected committee of volunteers who strive to get the club involved in fundraising activities and events: events which will always remain non-compulsory as the desire to attend is a reflection of the social atmosphere. We aim to hold many social functions in the hope of turning team relationships into long lasting friendships.

Our long-term goal is to align ourselves with a local charity, raising money for them in a fun, well organised charity event.

Kingsway Anchors STEELERS Netball Club Inc. are a club who want to provide opportunities to allow members and officials to continue to develop their skills by assisting in paying for coach, player and umpire development courses as well as specialist and fitness sessions all of which will remain optional.

We strive to provide the best opportunity for each player, and team, to maximise their playing potential and balance this with our core values of sportsmanship, respect, commitment and team and club spirit; to provide a quality sporting and social environment where everyone feels welcome to participate.

Kingsway Anchors STEELERS Netball Club Inc. is a club that is all about the love of the game, we encourage not only members but their families and support systems to all get involved so that players always have a drive to join each season. One will not stop playing netball because they grow old – they will grow old because they have stopped playing.

Mission Statement

Netball is enjoyed by thousands of participants throughout Australia each week. Athletes participate in the sport of netball for many reasons – the competitive challenge, to be with friends, health and fitness, for the satisfaction of volunteering and most importantly to have fun.

Kingsway Anchors STEELERS Netball Club INC is an extended family more so than a club to join seasonally. Kingsway Anchors STEELERS Netball Club INC provides netball fun for athletes of all abilities – from social netballers to competitive netball. 

Kingsway Anchors STEELERS Netball Club INC acknowledges that all executive members are volunteers, but are volunteers that provide a valuable contribution to the positive experience for our members. Kingsway Anchors STEELERS Netball Club INC is committed to treating its members with respect, dignity and fairness. 
Such values along with the basic right to be able to participate in an environment that is enjoyable, safe and healthy will shape the running and organisation of the club.

2022 Committee