Please note all playing times are subject to change.

Age GroupBornGame Time
NSG Year 2July 2014 – June 2015Friday 4.30PM
NSG Year 3July 2013 – June 2014Friday 4.30PM
NSG Year 4July 2012 – June 2013Friday 5.30PM
NSG Year 5July 2011 – June 2012Friday 5.30PM
U112011Friday 6.30pm (TBC)
U122010Saturday 8:30AM
U132009Saturday 10:00AM
U152007-2008Saturday 11:30AM
U182004-2006Saturday 1:00PM
WDNA Opens2004 and beforeSaturday 2:30PM & 4:00PM
JNA Opens2004 and beforeMonday 8:00PM

Game Calendar

Friday April 29th – Saturday April 20th: WDNA Game 1

Monday May 2nd: JNA Game 1

Friday June 3rd – Monday June 6th: WDNA & JNA General Bye

Monday July 4th: JNA General Bye

Friday July 8th – Monday July 11th: WDNA & JNA General Bye

Friday July 15th – Saturday July 16th: WDNA General Bye

Friday August 26th – Saturday August 27th: WDNA Last Game

Monday August 29th: JNA Last Game

Saturday September 3rd: WDNA Semi Finals

Monday September 5th: JNA Semi Finals

Saturday September 10th: WDNA Preliminary Finals

Monday September 12th: JNA Preliminary Finals

Saturday September 17th: WDNA Grand Final

Monday September 19th: JNA Grand Final